b'A Journey of Faithand Hope:The Hwangs StoryDan Hwang: Donor, Trustee for The Barker Adoption Foundation, Adoptive Parent For Judy and Dan Hwang, their Christian faith is an important part of their lives and was a guiding light in their decision to adopt three children from SouthKorea.The couple have long believed that families come in all forms, both biological and chosen. We have had experiences with people who share our faith and have become our faith family, observes Judy. We knew we could love children by adoption and were happy to be able to adopt children who shared our South Korean cultural heritage. For his part, Dan says, Ive always loved children and wanted to be a dad. What an amazing journey. Every day is hard, but it is always wonderful. Seeing our kids grow, with their uniqueDan and Judy also appreciate the direct, life-abilities and qualities emerging, has givenchanging impact that Barker can have on the us so much joy, adds Judy. Going to Southlife of a child. Having a place of security that is Korea was special to us. Weve been able topermanent, having someone to really care share a love and connection to Korea withabout you are such big things. Its exciting our children and have enjoyed travelingto think about the potential transformation and creating memories throughout thein childrens lives, and it motivates us to do United States as well with our children. something about it. The Hwangs faith, strong connection to theThe Hwangs encourage all Barker families and adoption community, coupled with a deepmembers of the broader adoption community sense of gratitude and a strong desire toto share their gifts in service of children give back, have spurred them to donate toseeking loving, permanent families, whether Barker each year since they adopted theirthat looks like mentoring foster youth, first child. We want more people to be ableworking with expectant parents, donating time to experience what we have experiencedto work on Barkers phonathon or making through Barker, Judy explains. Our hearts gofinancial gifts. Everyone can help in some way out to vulnerable kids in search of permanentto support children.families, and thats where we want our resources to go. ANNUAL REPORT 202217'