b"Grace and ZelleA Partner for Our Family Long-TermWe're so grateful for Barker's commitment to our adoptive family over time. When we adopted our first daughter, they walked us through what to expect at the hospital, ways to nurture our relationship with our daughter's birth parents, and more. And we've reached out to them as questions come up regarding either of our two daughters (both adopted) and appreciate their wise, professional advice that we always get. We've enjoyed meeting other adoptive families at the Barker picnic and young family meet-ups, and we hope to get our kids involved with the kids' groups when they are old enough. We love that those possibilities exist for them to spend time with other adoptive kids and learn from each other. In short, we see Barker as a partner to our family long-term, and are so grateful for their care for all of us!20BARKER ADOPTION FOUNDATION"