b'Engage with Us!We want to support you in all the ways thatPhonathonHelp us to generate funds you need us, whenever you need us. Weto support our non-profit in our biggest hope that you feel the same! As a non- fundraiser of the year! Contact Michele profit, we rely on donations and volunteersMazzei at mmazzei@barkerfoundation.org to do this important work.for more information. There are multiple ways that you can help: Here are some ways that you can supportPhone calls to adoptive families and Barker in our effort to provide loving, safe,donorspermanent families for children in need: Administrative supportVolunteerWe rely on volunteers toDrivers to deliver caller information share your story with prospective adoptivepackagesfamilies and the adoption community,Thank-you note writers and to help us generate funds to operate.Attend a free Barker event and Here are some great ways to get involved in giving back to Barker and the adoptionjoin the community community. Barker picnicShare your storyShare yourAnnual Meetingadoption story live with prospective adoptive families at our free InformationJoin a free group counseling Meetings and older child adoptionand discussion grouptrainings. Adoptive families often tell us that hearing from adoptive families directlyAdult adopteewas crucial in their decision to adopt, gaveBirth parentthem real perspective, and allowed themParents of adopted young adultsto ask questions from families who have personal experience with the processAttend any of our training and and know the challenges and the joyscommunity building events, of adoption. Contact Taylor McLeran atincluding:tmcleran@barkerfoundation.org for more information.Annual conferenceKids and teen events like Teen Your written stories are crucial toConnections and Barker S.T.A.R.S.conveying the real-life experiences ofMeet-up for parents with young children adoption and encouraging more people toAuthor events adopt and donate. To share your story inMovie nightwritten form in the Annual Report or otherParent support trainingvenues, contact Libby Powell at lpowell@barkerfoundation.org. We would love toThank you for all you do for Barker and the hear from you and share your story withadoption community! others. 24BARKER ADOPTION FOUNDATION'