b'2021 FINANCIAL OVERVIEWThe Barker Adoption FoundationBarker Adoption ended 2021 in a strong financialFoundation Revenueposition, with a final change in net assets of positive $472,000. 1% OtherThe agencys strong financial21%position led to the Board ofFriends Trustees voting to transferof Barker$336,000 of Barkers operating37%reserves to The Friends of BarkerFees for (FOB) Endowment Fund. Thisservicestransfer increased the balance of the Endowment, which in turn has long-term benefits for the organization.31%In addition, Barker recognizedContributionsnon-operating revenue of $570,00010% Grantsfrom the Federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the related forgiveness of loans fromBarker Adoption2020 and 2021. This revenue isFoundation Expensesshown on the financial statements as non-operating gain on8% extinguishment of debt.FundraisingFinally, the FOB 2021 contribution10% Transferof $697,000 made a significantto Friends of impact on Barkers ability toBarkerprovide vital services to the community. Since 2012, FOB11% General distributions of just over $3.7and Adminmillion have been a principal source of support for Barkers operations. The financial security that this endowment provides contributes to our confidence in achieving our strategic initiatives71% and meeting the ongoing andProgram Servicesemerging needs of the community. 30BARKER ADOPTION FOUNDATION'