b'What Makes Us Unique?Barker seeks to ensure that every child has the loving and unconditional support of an adoptive family and that adoptees, adoptive families, and birth parents have our support for a lifetime. We provide:Ethical, respectful, caring, personalized support for birth parents and their families, Mission Statement adopted children and adopted adults, and parents of all adopted childrenBarker provides lifelong services forA focus on childrens safety, stability, health, all in the adoption constellation andand happiness throughout their journeyadvocates for ethical, respectful, andInclusion of all families and children: single, child-centered adoption practices. married, LGBTQ, straight, all races, all ethnic origins, all abilities, all religions, all welcomeIndividual and group counseling for birth families, prospective adoptive families, children, teens, and adult adoptees at every step of the journey, from initial interest and application through home study, waiting, match, and post-adoptionInsurance accepted for counselingProject Wait No Longeran innovative program to place children from foster care, all of whom experienced trauma, were abused or neglected and risk aging out of the system, which often leads to extremely harsh outcomesComprehensive post-adoption services that are open to all whether adopted through Barker or not; counseling, education, search and reunion support, homeland tours, and other services to support adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents fora lifetimeANNUAL REPORT 20225'