b'Kids groupsPre-teen and teen groups I have learned that our voices E S Search and reunion matter, that we matter.E Mental health counselingTP O Heritage/Homeland tours - LillyD Adult/adoptee discussion group Adult AdopteeAWorkshops/conferencesBarker will provide you with T S Crisis pregnancy counseling community and family, with N Post-adoption counseling people who are truly listening ER Support group to you and asking what your A Cradle careP needs are.these people doH Facilitated visitation with birthexist, and they are at Barker.T R child and adoptive familyI Search and reunion B Workshops/conferences - AarenBirth MotherE S In the same way that adoption is L I a lifelong, loving commitment to I Affinity groups (new parents, M transracial parents)a child, so too is the commitment AF Support groups that Barker makes to everyE Heritage/Homeland tours family. Their caring team of post-VIT Mental health counseling adopt professionals has been P OWorkshops/conferences there for us as our family and our D AHome Studies needs have grown and changed over time. -Steve and ToddAdoptive ParentsANNUAL REPORT 2021 5 5'