b"Supported theRecruited and adoption of 77engaged prospective children families:47domestic infants 25 eventsto identify adoptive families25applicationsfor parents 14PWNL Youth interested in adopting an older child from 16international children foster care(from South Korea, India, South AfricaTraining for81 parentsconsidering and Grenada)adopting an older child from foster care600+ prospective parents attended a Barker information meetingCharlieBecoming a mom to Charlie has been the most incredible gift of my life. Seeing my sweet baby look up at me and smile is a feeling I simply can't describe. Everywhere we go Charlie brings a smile to the face of anyone he meets. He is honestly the most incredible person I have everknown!I am so thankful to Barker. When I started my journey of adoption I thought I had a pretty good understanding of what sorts of things it would entail. The fact is, I had no idea!! Barker's training program was superb. They helped really educate me on so many elements of the adoption process, but I think the lesson I am most grateful to them for is in regard to open adoptions. When I started the adoption journey I was convinced I wanted a closed adoption. After hearing from the speakers both adult adoptees and birth mothers my mindset completely changed. Having a willingness to an open adoption is nothing to be scared about, it is one of the greatest gifts for your child, the birth family, and for me. I have an open adoption with my son's birth mom and we have an incredible relationship. She is a part of our family, and our mutual love for our son is a beautiful blessing to all ofus.6BARKER ADOPTION FOUNDATION"