b'Post-Adoption ServicesBarkers Post-Adoption ServicesBARKER OFFERS:Department is where we connect withGroup and individual counseling Barker and non-Barker adoptees and theirsessions, covered by insurancefamilies. Through our counseling, support groups, search and reunion services,Current counseling and discussion training, and education, we offer life-longgroups:support to adoptees and families where,Adult adopteewhen, and however they needit. Birth parentDID YOU KNOW? Parents of adopted young adultsPWNL parents50% of Barkers post-adoption program Search and reunion servicesparticipants had no previous affiliation with Family and professional trainings, with the agency. Our services are open to allCEU creditspersons touched by adoption.Heritage/Homeland toursKids events and trainingStrong community need and added Barker staff have fueled growth2019 2020 2021 2022 4-year changeCounseling Clients 300 704 1,116 1,319 +340%Search and Reunion Clients 19 26 28 56 +195%Did you know that 40% of our funds to operate are donated by people like you?We simply cannot help the children and families who need us without your financial support. Please consider donating today. Every gift, no matter its size, is Scan the QR codecritical to helping children who need a family.to donate!ANNUAL REPORT 20229'