b'From Shy to Sparkly RueRue didnt smile for threeBarker. In fact, after theirYear, play dates, days when Holly and Dougown positive experience,and potluck first met her in China,Holly and Doug highlysuppers. Occasionally and she didnt speak untilrecommended Barker tochildren ask Rue about her she was on the airplaneHollys brother and his wife,prosthetic arm, Holly says. home from China. Afterand they also adopted aSometimes Holly steps that though, she has notchild through Barker. Nowin to gently respond, but stopped doing either. RueRue has a cousin, Lucy, whoRue is usually comfortable is just a delight, says Holly.is one year younger, wasresponding herself. Much She is so big, vivacious, andalso born in China, and livesmore often, the kids just sparkly. She takes over aan hour away. The cousinsstart playing.room. She has a great sensesee each other often. of humor, and is so loving.Thank you, Holly and Doug, Every day she tells Holly thatHolly and Doug have stayedfor what you do for the she loves her. She is alsoconnected to Barker and theadoption and special needs athletic and especially lovesadoption community. Theycommunities. And to Rue, swimming, biking, and morehave formed an informalwe cant wait to see what recently, golf. She lovesadoption community inyou are up to the next time arts and crafts, reading,Omaha with families ofwe check in with your mom. storytelling, and hangingadopted children fromWe are here for you all, out with her sisters, ages 12Guanji Province, China,always. and 15.(where Rue is from), Latvia, and Russia. Barker was amazing, saysThey meet Holly. Everyone there ismultiple times so nice and helpful. Wea year for have felt very connected toLunar New Click the video to playClick the video to play ANNUAL REPORT 20219'