Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Despite the gloomy forecast for rain this past Sunday, the sun came out and we had lots of fun while we enjoyed plentiful food and the company of friends!  In fact, over 200 members of the Barker family gathered Sunday, September 27 at Cabin John Park in Bethesda including: adoptive families, waiting families, Cradle Care families, birth parents, and Barker staff and trustees.  It’s hard to say who enjoyed the picnic more, families who are reconnecting after several years, new families to Barker who are just getting to know how strong our community is, the staff who get to see faces for the first or fifth time, or the kids who get to run, play, ride a train, eat, get tattooed (temporary, of course) and meet new friends.  Okay, probably the kids!

As always, it was a tremendous joy to see so many people from our community enjoying one another in such a relaxed environment.  There was no formal speeches or agenda at this gathering, yet everyone seemed to take away a deeper appreciation of the ongoing relationships they have gained through adoption. 

Thank you to all the volunteer grill masters, pot luck dessert makers, playground shepherds and tattoo appliers!  Each of you helped make this picnic another wonderful success. 

See you next year!!!


Kathie Lehner and Ann Morrison