Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Adoption Month is a special time of the year to highlight families brought together by adoption. We would like to highlight a few of our families who have previously adopted from Barker’s International Programs.  Adoption may look different among programs, states and countries but they all have the same outcome, adoption creates families.

“Without Barker, we wouldn’t have a family.”

George says the lifelong connection extends to Barker as well. “Without Barker, we would be

without Alex. We will be forever thankful. They set the foundation for us to become a better

adoptive family for Alex and by the time he came home, we were as prepared as we could

be. We also know that as he gets older and either he or we have questions, we can pick up

the phone and call. The post–placement support Barker provides is so nice to have.”

George and Jamie


“We said ‘we need him as much as he needs us.”

“If you have access to medical resources, so much is possible. Don’t give up a potential

blessing because of the fear of the unknown. Take the time to find out what options are

available to you. There are so many children out there who need a home.”

Chuck and Kelly


“WE are the lucky ones.”

“Upon seeing our family, people will often make comments about how ‘lucky’ our Tahlia is that we adopted her. And, right away I have to correct them. I tell them, “No, I am sorry. You have it

backwards. WE are the ‘lucky’ ones.”



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