Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Each month Project Wait No Longer offers updates and insights through its very popular newsletter.  You can sign up to receive it directly in your good old fashioned U.S.P.S. mailbox by emailing Anna Beers at abeers [at], or, you can now find it in the Barker Blog.  This month's issue may be found in its entirety right here, but here is one highlight...

6 Tips From Foster Youth and Former Foster Youth to Future Foster/Adoptive Parents

  1. Families that Play Together...Stay Together...Set aside time together as afamily and do activities and be active 
  2. Help Us Understand your Expectation of Us...Be clear and firm about house rules, communication must be clear and honest. State your expectations of us and be clear about them 
  3. Respect Our Birth Family and Don’t Hold Our Past Against Us...Negative remarks about birth parents can cause problems and hinder the growth of a child 
  4. Help Us Be Independent...Teach responsibility and independence by letting us do it and be a part of the process 
  5. Help Us to Create Safe Spaces for Ourselves...Kids need their own private spaces to feel safe, private spaces help kids calm down and cool off 
  6. Don’t impose Who You Are on Us, But Understand Our Needs and Encourage Us to Be Ourselves... Learn about your child’s religion and ways to accommodate it. 

Understand your child’s mental health situation, get educated about what is okay to say and what’s not. 

These tips are from: Ramsey County Community Human Services, Permanent Families Recruitment Project (2012)