Monday, January 23, 2017

We advise anyone who is interested in adoption to see the movie “Lion.” There are many beautiful (and wrenching) aspects of this movie, but one of the aspects we found especially poignant was how technology and the internet can affect adoption.

The primary character, Saroo, was a young five year old child in a rural part of India who accidentally got lost while out with his brother, and ended up lost and alone thousands of miles away on the streets of Calcutta – where a different language is spoken than in his region. After several weeks on the streets he was placed in an orphanage, and eventually adopted by a kind family in Australia. 

Despite having a happy childhood with a wealth of opportunities and loving parents, Saroo never stopped grieving the loss of his birth family. The film often lapses between Saroo’s two worlds: his current life in Australia and past life in India, showing images and telling stories from his perspective.  As a college student, Saroo discovered Google Earth and began trying to search – by piecing together his memories and the images he found in Google Earth.  His quest took several long years and the outcome proved unimaginable.

Technology and the internet are changing many things about adoption.  One of the many sessions at Barker’s March 25th outstanding adoption and foster care conference  will be “You’ve Got Mail – The new Realities of Adoption Reunion. “ We hope to see you there!

Varda Makovsky, Director or Family & Post Adoption Services