Thursday, September 10, 2015

CARA (Central Adoption Resource Agency) recently announced new Guidelines Governing Adoption of Children, 2015 which went into effect August 1, 2015. The intent of these new guidelines is to reduce the wait time for adoptions from India as well as to make the process more transparent.  Significant changes include:

  • NRI families will be “at par” with resident Indian families – meaning on a priority list of families to be matched.
  • OCI families will be on a second list of waiting families grouped with non-Indian families.
  • Seniority on both lists will be based upon the date of registration with CARA.
  • Families will be give profiles of 2 children and asked to proceed with one of them. They will have 96 hours in which to make this decision. If the family doesn’t choose either child, they will go to the bottom of the waiting list.
  • Age of prospective parents will be based upon the date of registration and will now fall in 3 categories:
  1.  Children up to 4 years – maximum combined age of 90
  2.  Children 4-8 years – maximum combined age of 100
  3.  Children 8-18 years – maximum combined age of 110

CARA will be doing the matching and agencies will then work with the Specialized Adoption Agency (SAA) that is responsible for that child. Families will no longer be assigned to a particular orphanage (RIPA).

Betty Betz, International Programs Case Manager