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Welcome to Barker's Waiting Child Photolisting Page

Barker believes that every child deserves a safe and loving family. Most children included on this page have moderate to significant special needs, are part of a sibling group, and/or are 8 years old or older.  If you believe that you are a good fit for any of the children on this page, please reach out to the Barker staff member listed. In order to receive the required password to view Barker’s current list of Waiting Children, please complete the form below.

Thank you so much for your interest, and for helping us to spread the word about these wonderful children. info [at] barkerfoundation.org (subject: I'm%20interested%20in%20a%20waiting%20child) (For more information on any Waiting Child, please reach out to Barker staff who will be more than happy to speak with you!)

Please note:

Families who have already completed this form should be able to access Barker’s Waiting Child Page here with the password previously provided. 

Children’s names have been changed in order to protect their privacy.

Only home study-approved families may be matched with a child. Families who are not yet home study approved are still encouraged to inquire with staff about any waiting children and to discuss the home study process. Must be 25 years old to apply.

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