Friday, May 9, 2014

Link: Our Own KidsMyths About Older Child Adoption » Our Own Kids

I often spend time traveling around to different areas speaking to people about adoption. One thing that I have learned through my experiences of interacting with various people from different backgrounds, races, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, economic status, marital status is that they all have heard similar myths about adopting an older child. Many of these individuals have considered adopting an older child from foster care but have never pursued learning more information due to the myths that have been associated with this type of adoption. 

One important factor in understanding this process is to do your research. When pursuing information about older child adoption, my suggestions are to read books and credible internet sources, speak to professionals in the adoption/foster care field, speak to people who have actually adopted older children from foster care and interact with the children who are in or have been in the foster care system. 

This link provides readers with common myths about adoption an older child from a book that we highly recommend “Our Own” which talks about adopting and parenting an older child. We are always happy to receive calls or emails with questions about older child adoption. We are happy to provide you with information, book lists, articles, and opportunities to volunteer with youth in care.  

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