Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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, or, you can now find the PWNL Newsletter here, in the Barker Blog.  Here is one short feature shared in the October issue:

Fostering Attachment 

Lifebook; a term very familiar in the world of older child adoption. A lot is discussed about its importance as you meet your child or for foster youth in care. Today we focus on the Lifebook after placement. Adding to a Lifebook may be something that falls wayside in the flurry of excitement around a placement, the continued transition after finalization and the daily routine of a family now counting their finalization anniversary in years. As a way of fostering attachment I challenge you to revisit the Lifebook. The new memories and stories you are creating now are a powerful part of your child’s story. Creating physical documentation of fun times together is a great reminder to your child they are in their forever home. Looking through the memories and bonding over shared laughs and good times is a great activity at any age. If your child is uncomfortable revisiting their Lifebook consider keeping it current as solo activity so when your child is ready to look back, they will have their full story including those everyday family memories you are creating now as a forever family.

Here are some resources for capturing memories: 

  • – Subscribe to have Instagram feed printed and mailed to your door. Great for parents who are (or whose teens are) capturing memories on social media
  • – Check out which photobook sites are running promotions
  • – This nonprofit brings together a directory of professional photographers who donate photo shoots to families who adopt.