Thursday, July 16, 2015

Our journey to Jianfeng would never have been possible without the efforts of so many people and organizations. He has been loved, prayed for, and cared about by everyone who has heard his name. Jianfeng’s adoption is not our story alone.

We first learned about Jianfeng through Grace & Hope for Children, the nonprofit who advocates for orphaned children in China by placing them in a loving foster home until adopted. This is the same organization that impacted our oldest daughter’s first year of life and also advocated for Jianfeng to receive the medical intervention he so desperately needed in the United States. For background on Jianfeng's story and the medical care he received in Florida, please see this televsion news story.

Along with a host of others around the world, our family kept Jianfeng in our prayers as he embarked upon the first of what will be numerous surgeries for his rare genetic condition. At one point, we looked at each other and said, “We need him, as much as he needs us.” and so our third adoption journey began in earnest.

Our adoption process, with the assistance of a local home study agency and The Barker Adoption Foundation, was expedited as everyone encouraged and supported us through the multitude of steps any adoptive family encounters. We were blessed to have caseworkers who envisioned the possibilities and understood the importance of getting Jianfeng home as quickly as possible. With a lot of all night paperwork generating by us, numerous overnight FedEx packages, medical expediting by both the US and Chinese governments, and the requisite amount of prayers and stress, we brought Jianfeng home last month.

As we wrap our arms around him now, we are overwhelmed with the trust he bestows upon us. Our thanks to everyone who has joined us in this journey and The Barker Adoption Foundation for being pivotal in making it happen. He is, as all children are, a miracle…the difference is that he’s our miracle and that is what we’re celebrating!

Jianfeng’s Forever Family

Washington State – July 2015


Jianfeng's Forever (Barker) Family