For more than 70 years we have helped expectant/birth parents like you make loving and thoughtful adoption plans for their children.

We take pride in providing ethical, pressure free services, and would be honored to work with as you. Call 888-731-6601 or text us at 240-600-1106 today and speak with a pregnancy counselor about your options.

About Barker & Services

Benefits of working with Barker Adoptions

Here are some of the differences you’ll find with a local agency adoption:

Counselors available 24/7

Counselors available 24/7

Barker counselors will come meet with you where you feel most comfortable and tailor counseling and support to address your individual needs.

Free counseling services

Free counseling services

Our licensed, professional social workers go far beyond offering confidential advice and guidance with legal documents. Barker counselors can also help you with conversations that may be difficult with the expectant mother, father and with other extended family members.

YOU create the adoption plan - Barker Adoption Foundation

YOU create the
adoption plan

With a Barker adoption, we support you in identifying what kind of post-adoption contact or relationship you wish to maintain with the adoptive family and your birth child, and help advocate for those wishes with the chosen family.

Learn more about the adoption process.

Diverse waiting parents YOU can select from - Barker Adoption Foundation

Diverse waiting parents YOU can select from

Barker thoroughly screens and prepares local (MD, VA, DC) prospective adoptive parents. Once we know more about what is important to you in choosing the parents for your child, we can present you with a selection of family profiles from which you choose from.

See our list of waiting families here.

Birth Parent Resources

Birth Parent Resources

Assistance with resources such as housing, food and medical care. Call, email or text a pregnancy counselor today to learn more.

Post Adoption support - Barker Adoption Foundation

Post Adoption support

We understand many birth parents feel a sense of loss after this process. Services range from individual counseling to a monthly support group exclusively for birth parents.

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We invite you to contact a Barker pregnancy counselor anytime, 24/7, to talk and find out more about your pregnancy options.

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