Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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In this issue Dr. John DeGarmo shared these insights about what "Back to School" means for children in foster care.  

For many children in foster care, our schools are the last place they want to be. For that foster child who has been taken from his family, from his home, from his friends, and all he knows, and suddenly placed into a strange home late one evening, only to be forced to attend a strange school the following day, it is incredibly traumatic. One study found that as many as 66% of children placed under foster care supervision suffer from at least one learning-based developmental delay. Thirty percent of children in the custody of child welfare agencies exhibit the need for special education services In addition, students in foster care exhibit an array of academic difficulties, including cognitive abilities that are weaker than traditional students Federal and state funding to assist in this problem is lacking, as you very well may have already experienced. 

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