Barker's 26th Annual Adoption & Foster Care Conference - Saturday, March 14, 2020

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The Barker Adoption Foundation has been supporting families for 75 years and was one of the very first adoption agencies in the country to offer post-adoption services, including counseling, support groups, search and reunion services, parent and professional training and education, and kids groups and teen programs. In this 75th year of making a difference in the community, we are extremely proud to once again host our Annual Adoption & Foster Care Conference, which brings together hundreds of adult adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoption professionals from around the region and the country.

This year’s conference, What’s Adoption Got to Do with It? will provide participants the opportunity to explore the nuances of adoption and the lifelong impact that an adoption can have on an adoptee, their birth parents, and their adoptive parents. 

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Barker's Annual Teen Connections Event

In this full-day workshop, we will explore and discuss important questions through digital art, music, and movie clips.  Who am I?  What makes me unique?  What are the strengths and challenges of being an adoptive family?  How can we better understand self-esteem, relationships, race, culture, and connection?  Teens will create an artistic digital image as a way of addressing and exploring some of these questions.  If your teen chooses, they can have their digital artwork presented in a slideshow at the close of the day.

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Plan to join us on Saturday, March 14, for multiple opportunities to grow your understanding of the many facets of adoption.


Do you provide services that may be of value to the adoption community?

Barker's Annual Adoption & Foster Care Conference is your opportunity to become an exhibitor!

Our dedication to providing comprehensive resources to our community means we are seeking organizations like yours serving families.  Join the community of stellar organizations dedicated to providing resources, supports, and services to the adoption community.  Exhibitors are showcased, during check-in and breakfast, Resource Fair and Networking Break; and lunch. Past exhibitors have loved that their space is in our main conference space, allowing them unparalleled access to attendees, and breakouts. 

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FOUR PART SERIES- It’s Not Just Parenting: Special Obligations in Transracial Adoptive Parenting

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All parents have obligations to their children. But things get more complex and surprising when it comes to the responsibilities of adoptive parents. In this groundbreaking 4-part series- starting Monday, November 18 at The Hill Center from 7 - 9:30P, ethicist and transracial, international adoptee Nabina Liebow, PhD discusses what special obligations adoptive parents have to their transracially adopted children. We will examine a unique set of obligations in each session and why these matter to your child. While participants can choose which sessions to attend, participating in all four will provide parents with a more comprehensive set of tools for understanding what they owe their transracially adopted children. Learn more about each session below and register today!

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