3 Simple (But Important) Things That Help Build Resiliency in Adopted Children

Resiliency: How to Cultivate More of It & Beat the Back-to-School Blues

"Resiliency" has become quite the new buzzword, and after a year of navigating so much unknown, we could likely all use a refresher on what it is, how we can utilize it, and how to equip our kids with it as they face everyday challenges. It is an ability to cope, mentally or emotionally, with a crisis or an ability to return to pre-crisis status without long-term negative effects or with a calm and clear-minded demeanor. 

10 Quick Tips Regarding Back To School

Back To School!

As you prepare to send your child or children back to school, there are many tasks that need to get done as the new school year approaches. If you’re a parent of a child through adoption, your list likely has additional tasks other than just buying school supplies and books for the new year. Each year, children usually have to start over again, with a new teacher and new classmates and when you add adoption into the mix, it complicates the transition even further. Children will likely get questions from new classmates and teachers alike about their family history. If the teacher is not familiar with adoption, it can make things particularly difficult.