Jet-lag, Culture Shock and Doubts of an Adoptive Parent

When an adoptive family travels to pick up their new child in the child’s birth country, as an international adoption coordinator, I am anxious during that first week when they meet their child, and breathe easier after the week has passed if I haven’t heard from them.  Why? Because while everyone expects it to be a week of great joy and happiness, I know from my own experience it can be quite the opposite. You see, before I became an adoption professional, I was an adoptive mom.

A Family Is What You Make It. Revisiting a China Waiting Children Family Story

"A Family Is What You Make It" That’s what National Public Radio Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep says. He should know – Steve is both an adopted person and an adoptive father. A few years ago Steve, Carolee, his wife, and their daughter, Ava, traveled to China to welcome Ana Xiao, a vivacious three-and-a-half-year-old, into their family. Steve and Carolee shared their adoption story, and why they trusted Barker to help them on their journey.