Ways You Can Celebrate National Adoption With Your Family

When one thinks of adoption, one might often think of permanency, bringing a child into your home, or creating a forever family for a child in need.  While these are all very consistent with the theme of adoption, and certainly are the most common aspects, I took a moment this week to think of some simpler activities that my friends and I embarked on when I was a teenager.  I grew up on a college campus in Trinidad where my father was a professor, so I was always surrounded by college students much older than I was.  I became very fond of their social service and activist projects and was eager to be a part of them as soon as I was old enough.  I recall engaging with a community of single mothers who came from a fairly impoverished village not too far from the campus.  A group of college students decided that they would each “adopt” one baby each, from the mothers in the village, whic