Thursday, April 6, 2017

Pregnant?  Our pregnancy counselors are here to listen and help.


1. LISTEN When you are facing a crisis or unplanned pregnancy there may seem to be no end to the number of people who have opinions about what you should do. At Barker we provide a safe, supportive, and unbiased place for you to talk about what your thoughts and feelings are about this pregnancy. We believe strongly that everyone has the right to choose what is best for them and for their baby. The last thing you need is more pressure!

2. HELP YOU MAKE A PLAN FOR PARENTING YOUR BABYHow can you know if adoption is right for you if you have not had the chance to explore all of your options? At Barker we believe the best way to know that you have made the right decision is fully explore all of your options. We are not here to pressure anyone to choose adoption. In fact we spend as much time as needed looking at how you might be able to make parenting work, if you want to.

3. MAKE AN ADOPTION PLANIf you are ready to explore what your adoption journey might look like Barker is here to help guide you through your legal rights and your options. We work hard to keep you in control of your experience, and let you select the family that is the best fit for you. We strongly believe in open adoption (where you may receive and send pictures and letter updates, as well as have legally protected visits with your child), and will ensure that you are given all the information about what options are available to you. We also understand that not everyone who places a child is able to have an open adoption. If you are interested in a closed adoption, we will support you through that as well.

4. SUPPORT YOU THROUGH YOUR TIME IN THE HOSPITAL  At Barker we go over a labor and delivery plan with each of our clients. We will discuss all of your wishes with you and act on your behalf at the hospital. You have every right for the hospital experience you want. We will support your desire to have your baby in the room with you, or cared for in the nursery. We will support your right to feed your baby however you’d like. We will guide you through the common questions and experiences others have had during their hospital time. We will even bring you your favorite meal when you are ready to eat!  When the time comes, we certainly won’t hover closer than you’d like, but we will always stay close by just in case you need us.

5. PROVIDE YOU FREE LIFELONG POST-ADOPTION SERVICES After all is said and done Barker will always be here for you! We have been around for over 70 years, and with that stability comes the assurance that you will always have our support. We are here to help ensure that you continue to have access to your letters, pictures, and visits. We are here to offer counseling and put you in touch with other birth mothers and birth fathers in our support groups. When you place a child for adoption you are entering into a lifelong relationship with the adoptive family. We get that, and we feel that we owe you that same level of commitment. When you place a child through Barker, you can be assured that we will always be here to support you through your adoption journey.

Although we are not able to provide medical advice related to your pregnancy, The Barker Adoption Foundation Pregnancy Counselors are here to listen and help you navigate the decisions ahead. Our services will always be confidential and free of charge. It's never too early to give us a call and find out what options are best for you and your family. If you have more questions or you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and would like to speak to one of our pregnancy counselors now do not hesitate to call, text or email us.

Our Pregnancy Hotline is available to you 24/7, to talk and find out more about your pregnancy options.

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